mercredi 26 octobre 2011

Piano World! Un site très informatif sur l'industrie du piano

Piano World
Piano World is ...
A web site for people who:
  • Like to play the piano
  • Like to listen to the piano
  • Are curious about pianos
  • Are interested in buying a piano (and want to know more)
  • Like to talk about pianos and/or playing the piano
  • Want to meet other people who are piano enthusiasts (through our forums)
  • Want information about pianos, piano music, playing the piano, fixing a piano, moving a piano...
  • Are looking for piano dealers/teachers/lessons/tuners/movers/manufacturers/restorations
  • Want to sell a piano
  • Are looking for piano accessories (lamps, benches, cushions, tuning equipment, etc.)
  • Have an interest in digital and/or electronic pianos
  • Are looking for information about piano concerts, recitals, piano parties
  • Just want some fun piano related stuff like puzzles, games, and contests

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